Super Easy

Winter salad!

Who says in winter, salads can’t be yummy and interesting? A delicious combination with fresh and seasonal veg as hot food…

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Spinach mozzarella-cheese gluten-free pastry

A gluten-free puff pastry, savoury spinach and mozzarella pie. A hint of flavour with the addition of prosciutto cotto!

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Tiffins, easy-peasy fridge cakes!

No baking required for this easy peasy cake-like. A bunch of ingredients melted, crunched then chilled until set.

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Pear poached in red wine

A super easy recipe for a super pudding! I normally use Sagrantino passito, nothing more. But any robust red wine would…

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Artichokes bruschetta, in line with spring season!

Use the tenderer, smaller globe artichokes for this simple bruschetta with Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of olive oil. Soooo…

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Bruschetta, what else?

Beloved Italian bruschetta, simple delicious ingredients for a luscious dish.

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Anchovy muffins

Anchovy: a superfood that gets on well with this recipe, keeping its unique aroma but being soft and delicious at the…

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Fennel delicious fennel!

A resourceful ingredient for you winter salad. Heathy and different.

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Pumpkin pancakes

Light and fluffy, easy homemade pumpkin pancakes super easy!

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