Food Porn

It’s the latest craze among foodies, a food obsession that almost borders on the pornographic! The term may be a strong one, but isn’t intended to offend.. ‘’Food pornography” refers to food presented and photographed so stylishly and seductively that you cannot help but devour it visually… nor prevent yourself from drooling! The term was

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My philosophy in brief

I cook. I take my own pictures and write my blog. My first passion is eating, and  doing it well is my aim every day. My recipes are a combination of varied fresh ingredients attentively proportioned in line with the Italian tradition. My approach is genuine, and spirited; I look, I find, I cook, and

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Umbria and some of its deli

A lot has been written about Umbria and its food. It  has always been a simple diet, having its roots in  early Umbrian and later in Roman, culture – and relying on the freshness of  its ingredients more than anything else. Nothing too fancy! Having been born there, I would say the region has the best food in the world.. Food throughout Italy has great

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Thursday: it’s dumpling (gnocchi)time!

When I was little, I used to spend the long summer days at my maternal granny s country house; my granny, was a woman of her time, a Catholic with sturdy moral principles and a family woman, but above all, she was devoted to traditional, passionate cooking full of fresh ingredients. I learned the importance

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