I say tomato, you say tomahto!

Did you know you could keep your tomatoes seeds for planting in the garden?
Summer has nearly ended, but it could still be the right time to save some tomatoes seeds to keep and plant out in your garden or greenhouse in future.
You should first select the variety, like “striped Roman tomato” for example, as not all of them are good. Seeds from a hybrid plant may grow into a plant that is different from the original.
To obtain your own seeds is less complicated to do than to describe!
Cut the tomato in two and take out the gel-coated seeds inside. Put them in a glass with some water and leave it covered in a shady place for 2/3 days.
After this time the seeds splits naturally from its gel. Wash them under water to be sure to remove all of the gel, drain, then place them in a cloth to dry for a couple of weeks, again in the shade.
They are then ready to be preserved in a jar or a tin, where they can keep up to 5 years.
Why not have a go? Preserve and conserve. If you want to eat healthily.. make a little effort!

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