Love Sicily! Food wine and much more!

I had forgotten how beautiful and fascinating Sicily was. I had been there ages ago, and just recently I went back.
Its scenery, its history, its people: it is easy to be happy in Sicily. Sicily is sun, sea, arancini, cannoli, ice cream, espresso coffee, marzipan…. but in reality, to be truly at one with the island requires a capacity to adapt to a different culture – and to a different approach to life: something we elsewhere have rather forgotten.
Time here doesn’t exist! When you are here, even on holiday, you must be prepared to a slower pace of life.
Sicily is the warmth of the South that embraces you as soon as you arrive, it’s the smile of the people welcoming you to the island, as if you were at home, part of the family. They can be reserved at first approach, but be honest with them about yourself and the doors of their houses open wide.
In Sicily, as well as in the south of Italy, life has another rhythm and another flavour, so much so that you are sometimes almost bothered by it, being no longer used to it these days. People here are more adjustable, more flexible. They open the shops when they wake up, not at a specific time because they have to! Road signs are impossible to follow because they are not reliable, because everyone knows which road to take to get to where they want to go!
“In Sicilia la vita si prende comoda” a restaurant owner told me the other day, while I was having lunch with a friend in Marsala. That means: “in Sicily you have to take life easy”! There is no other option and the foreign traveller just has to adapt..
Sicily is art and architecture; it is the charm and elegance of its gorgeous baroque palaces, and of its magnificent food and special wines.
The largest island in the Mediterranean produces in fact a great variety of wines, and its ‘cucina povera’ – the simple cooking tradition of the poor, a wonderful selection of essential fresh ingredients, is just what the healthy want to eat today.
Goethe at the end of 18th century wrote:”Without Sicily, Italy creates no image in the soul; here is the key to everything.”
Sicily in the heart.. an awe-inspiring tour of Sicily is waiting for you, come and see the island with me and  Esplora we will guide you through the colourful and tasty variety of food and wine of the region.


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