Hello, I would like an ice cream please !

Known, all around the Italian peninsula as the town that was the birthplace of the acclaimed singer Domenico Modugno – author of the universally celebrated song “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (‘In the blue painted blue’..) – Polignano a Mare is a popular holiday destination for most people: Italians and foreigners alike.
This astonishing white-washed town, on a steep rocky cliff overlooking the blue Adriatic sea is also famous, though, for being the town of the ice-cream.
There is a long-standing and deep-rooted tradition of making gelato here.
Everywhere you walk, in between the narrow paved alleys, there is a place where you can enjoy this delicacy.
The most famous place where to get your gelato is without a doubt, Mario Campanella -il Super Mago del Gelo (‘the Super Wizard of Ice-cream’) – a long-established business active since 1935, located in the central Piazza Garibaldi at no. 22.
I would like to point out a more recent “gelateria” that I stumbled across by chance: “Bella Blu”. Established in the eighties, by Signor Vito, it is in the main street, in Via Dogali, a road which leads to the main town gate. My daughter was attracted by the multicoloured granulated cones with chopped hazelnuts, chocolate, and sprinkles, displayed in the window. “Mummy let’s go in” she said.
Once in, you are blown away by the choices of flavours, all combined with high quality ingredients.
Whole fresh milk, sugar, seasonal fruits, fresh cream, crushed locust bean seed. They are all pasteurised for a couple of minutes at the temperature of 92 degrees and cooled quickly in order to reduce the bacterial count. This is the main base of their ice cream. I had the nice surprise of discovering that they also have gluten-free options.
There are quite a few gluten-free flavours to pick from, but I’m simply hooked on pistachio, which is rich, creamy and naturally delicious.
Mulberry, almonds, walnuts, figs and prickly pear are the essence of this land.
The shop is provided with modern shop fittings in stylish pastel colours, very welcoming.
They recently set up a Chocolate Ice Cream Festival, held in March in this lovely little town. You will have the chance to taste chocolate ice cream with 25 different aromas: cinnamon, cloves, mint, chilli… you name it! Come and taste, and take the chance to visit this beautiful region, Italy’s heel of wonders!

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