‘Mango-peaches’ or perhaps ‘Clingstone’ peaches…do you know them? The real name of the variety, in Italian, is “percoche”, but as soon as my daughter tasted them, she renamed them “mango-peaches”. She was spot-on! They are a big, round, orangey peach; juicy but firm – and very much in season during the month of August. They

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Hello, I would like an ice cream please !

Known, all around the Italian peninsula as the town that was the birthplace of the acclaimed singer Domenico Modugno – author of the universally celebrated song “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (‘In the blue painted blue’..) – Polignano a Mare is a popular holiday destination for most people: Italians and foreigners alike. This astonishing white-washed

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Fresh brewers’ yeast

When I started to cook “seriously”…, making food from scratch and in big quantities, I had to begin every now and then to stock up on the essentials in my kitchen: flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, and yeast. The fresh brewers’ yeast , is irreplaceable, a must, if you want to make an excellent bread

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