Ready, steady, cook!

Short, simple and effective, this is what we want from the recipes we use in our daily lives.
At the same time, they have to be healthy, veggie, low in sugars and possibly packed full of protein. Proteins are known as the building blocks of the body. Protein is essential in the maintenance of body tissue, including development and repair. Hair, skin, eyes, muscles and organs are all made from protein. This is why children need more protein per pound of body weight than adults; they are growing and developing new protein tissue.
But besides all that, what people like and what is really practical in our – so fast paced – lives is to cook appetising meals with what we have in the fridge, and to be able to buy the products easily, with less plastic used to wrap them.
Ready, steady, cook is the motto I live by at my house. It’s not just a matter of economising with the family budget, it helps you train your brain to think of new exciting recipes and combinations you could create, not just following instructions provided by someone else.
Knowing the basics, some technique, and having the appetite to create a satisfying dinner dash is all you need! “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use the more you have”. Run to the kitchen and surprise your family and yourself by making the best meal you can with your leftovers.

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