Not just cooking!

This is how I dress on Friday evenings after having done some laundry… and getting ready to settle down with some embroidery work in front of my favourite Netflix series… like a “nonna”, not just cooking but taking care of everything around the home. A complementary glass of Prosecco to cheer me up after the hard work! Such a glamorous look.
I love these charming pictures from magazines of the Fifties.
“Biancheria”in Italian means sheets, I love proper sheets made with natural fabrics, in good old fashioned style. I have a chest full of linen at home that used to belong to my great-grandmother. She was a fantastic embroiderer and used to make lots of things with various handmade techniques much appreciated and quite back in fashion today. So charming in an understated way.
All over Italy there are young people learning these skills, enthusiastic about reinvigorating the art of hand-made embroidery. I would recommend a lovely lady who does needlepoint decorations and much more, in the green region of Umbria. Delivering worldwide!

> Valeria Della Sala: @from_fabric on Instagram.

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  • Valeria

    You are a lovely lady! :-) Thank you so much Lara!

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