Food for thought

Preparing food with heat or fire is a task exclusive to humans. We are the only species who cook and it is when we cook that we become truly human. Cooking is deep within us. Homo erectus evolved when an ape learned to cook and discovered fire, consequently developing a small mouth and small teeth,

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Ready, steady, cook!

Short, simple and effective, this is what we want from the recipes we use in our daily lives. At the same time, they have to be healthy, veggie, low in sugars and possibly packed full of protein. Proteins are known as the building blocks of the body. Protein is essential in the maintenance of body

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Not just cooking!

This is how I dress on Friday evenings after having done some laundry… and getting ready to settle down with some embroidery work in front of my favourite Netflix series… like a “nonna”, not just cooking but taking care of everything around the home. A complementary glass of Prosecco to cheer me up after the

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Ethical food choice

Ethically sourced, conflict-free, cruelty-free – in today’s world, being ethical in every aspect of our lives is becoming more and more important: doing the right thing, achieving goals and complying with laws and rules. The word “ethics” comes from the Greek “ethos” (meaning “custom” or “habit”). Ethics differs subtly from morals and morality but can

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