Super Easy

Fish and …chips!

How to make fish taste as good as French fries. Super easy dish, funny to do with kids. They’ll love to…

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Cauliflowers puree velvety and creamy

A low carbohydrate dieters, can use this veg as a substitute for potatoes and rice. Cauliflowers puree is a velvety creamy…

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Rule of three, muffin on the go

I call it the rule of three. It is a super easy recipe for making puffy muffins and really yummy. Use a…

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Orange ice lollies.

Easy to make, ice-lollies for a perfect refreshing home made snack.

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Feeling inspiralized!

Hooked on courgettes and potatoes! This crunchy aperitivo or starter is appetizing any time.

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Ring a ring o’roses a pocket full of posies..

Fanciful recipe, based on potatos olives and ham won t stop eating them!

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My angels on horseback

Really tasty potatoes simply pierced with toohpick. My version of angels on horseback!

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Pesto, could be interpreted in many different ways, so try this one it might surpise you!

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Devils on horseback

Perfect for any winter party, nibbles of prunes wrapped in bacon and served hot. Sinless!

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