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Paleo chicken!

An excellent recipe to cook your organic chicken. In line with today’s trend, being healthy and paleo!

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Cheese scones

Simple and easy cheese scones. With parmesan!

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Winter salad!

Who says in winter, salads can’t be yummy and interesting? A delicious combination with fresh and seasonal veg as hot food…

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Mozzarella in carrozza

Mozzarella “in a carriage”, countless variations on this Southern Italian recipe. Just delicious with any meal and at any time!

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Risotto and blackberries

Blackberries and Gorgonzola for this colourful and tasty risotto.

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Pineapple carpaccio

Divine! Sweet and juicy pineapple thinly sliced. Fresh vanilla ice cream, and blueberry. What do you wait? Go and make it!…

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Homemade tagliatelle

No pasta machine. Strong arm, rolling pin and good will this is what you need to make homemade tagliatelle. Simple recipe,…

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Orecchiette, “little ears”, the name comes after their shape.¬†Fresh home-made pasta typical of Bari province, in Puglia.

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Spinach mozzarella-cheese gluten-free pastry

A gluten-free puff pastry, savoury spinach and mozzarella pie. A hint of flavour with the addition of prosciutto cotto!

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