Florentine orange cake

Orange florentine schiacchiata, a flattened cake, from Tuscany with love.

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Cake with ricotta and pears

One of the Southern Italy’s favourite pudding. The perfect, elegant mixture along with the light fresh ricotta cheese and the pears…

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Rule of three, muffin on the go

I call it the rule of three. It is a super easy recipe for making puffy muffins and really yummy. Use a…

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Orange ice lollies.

Easy to make, ice-lollies for a perfect refreshing home made snack.

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Tiramisù with ricotta

Italian for “pick me up”to enjoy all time fluffy, luscious, velvety, unconventional Tiramisu’.

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Ugly but good. Italian nutty cookies from the north.

Egg white cookie that hails from Lombardia even  if the Tuscans claims the right of birth.

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Millet flour, ginger and hazelnut muffin

Try this muffins, they are gluten free and the ginger add a special flavour and zest to this recipe.

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Tiger cake

Try this light, delicious tiger cake quick and quirky.

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Tempting chocolate,at your doorstep!

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